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Stop Burning Pain in Your Feet & Hands: Free Peripheral Neuropathy Workshop

Pain or loss of feeling in your feet or hands? Poor circulation and tingling sensations?

You don’t have to continue the suffering!!

  • Has your condition changed every part of your life?
  • Have you have tried “everything” (Anodyne therapy, physical therapy, Lyrica®, Neurotin®, or other medications) without getting the results you want?
  • Have you been told you’ll never get better?
  • Do you suffer with other symptoms such as falling, loss of dexterity, muscle atrophy, etc?
  • Would you rather fix the underlying problem rather than cover it up with drugs?
  • Are you trying to cope with Diabetes and Digestive Problems?
  • Isn’t it time to find a Solution?

Call 610-435-1777 or click below to make your reservation today. Seating is limited.