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“I am so thankful that I found Dr. Corey Kirshner through his thyroid seminar. After many years of being overweight, sick and getting sicker, he was the only doctor who could give me a correct diagnosis and then help me to get well by treating the cause, not just the symptoms. Using diet and lifestyle changes to promote healing, he knew just what to do. No prescription drugs at all! He led me through his program of natural healing each step of the way. I lost the weight that I had been trying unsuccessfully to lose for decades and my energy level is better now than it was 20 years ago. I have also noticed an improvement in my mood, complexion and the arthritic pain in my hands.  Dr. Kirshner is amiable, attentive and has a real desire to help people find their way back to good health. When friends tell me that I look ten years younger and ask what I did, I tell them about Dr. Corey Kirshner. I only wish I had found him years ago.” –  Lynda H.

Rick had been losing sleep at night because of his Peripheral Neuropathy pain in his feet. After 2 years of symptoms continuing to increase he decided to make a change. His diabetes is under control; he is no longer insulin dependent. Because of dietary changes he has brought his A1C down to a clinically normal range.

“I genuinely thank Dr. Kirshner and his Health Solutions program from deep within. Freedom comes in many forms. I’m borrowing words now, “Give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”(on the Statue of Liberty). Prior to December 2013, my life had become a prison of poor health, constant fatigue, sluggish thinking, and a sense of exhaustion and fear that this might be all I would know for the rest of my life. Over several years I had struggled to return to health on my own without success. In the 2 months I have been under Dr. Kirshner’s care, real transformation has taken place in my body, mind and spirit. Over 20 pounds thinner and still counting, energy -no more afternoon slumps, clear thinking, sleep and a sense of personal  peace. Hope finally realized. The program is so doable, the supplements just part of what I need to so to have a life I can actively live. God has answered my prayers through Dr. Kirshner. My faith, trust, and perseverance rewarded. Thanks again Kirshner Health Solutions with the biggest smile I can manage.” –  Adrienne G.

I wanted to thank you guys for the last four months. When I happened upon the ad for your thyroid workshop, I wasn't even sure if it would have any purpose for me, but I was desperate for some kind of answers to the issues I had been having. As a 24-year-old with fatigue, brain fog, hair loss, malaise, headaches, almost constant musculoskeletal pain, and major depression, I was very unsettled with my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. Being a diagnosis of exclusion, it isn't even really a true diagnosis at all, and leaves one with a lot of questions and few viable options. Having heard some horror stories about where other people have ended up after years of treating this condition, I knew I was going to have to find a different way to meet this head-on. Your ad for the thyroid workshop caught my attention because many of the listed symptoms resonated with me. And although my condition is not thyroid related, I was convinced by the end of your workshop that your program was my only line of defense before turning to traditional medications. Whether or not the program helped to alleviate my symptoms, I knew at the very least I could learn how to properly live a healthy lifestyle in terms of the things I did have control over. (And it would give me the incentive I needed to actually buckle down and make the changes). I could always add in medications later if necessary.

Four months later, I'm amazed at the difference. The changes to my lifestyle have been intense and often difficult, but now the good results are what drive me to keep up with the changes. My fatigue, malaise, and brain fog have pretty much diminished, while my daily mood has all but done a 180. The frequency and intensity of the aches and pains have been greatly reduced, and this, coupled with the improved mood, has allowed me to break out of the vicious cycle of pain and depression that had kept me down for some time. I've lost 25 pounds and I feel pretty darn good. My condition seems to be somewhat within my control, which is a great feeling. So instead of dwelling on things and feeling sorry for myself, I have the tools and the incentive to live the way I need to in order to feel as close as possible to normal. I had forgotten what 'normal' feels like, I think. A lot of people take 'normal' for granted. But for me normal is awesome. Normal feels great.

So thank you and your staff for the guidance and support, and I'll be popping in whenever my will power falters and I need a kick in the pants to get back on track. - Katie 

Fearing she would be unable to work because of the pain from her Peripheral Neuropathy, Jackie sought the help of Dr. Corey Kirshner of Kirshner Health Solutions. Using advanced brain-based therapy techniques, nutritional support and the HakoMed® Horizontal Electo- therapy, Dr. Kirshner has helped Jackie recover sensation, reduce pain and re-engage in life.